I am a writer. (I swear)

That means I write things. (Sometimes)

That’s why I made this blog. (Half truths)

What do I write about? Experiences, stories and songs. Why yes, I ammusician, lovely observation!

In all seriousness, welcome to The Winter Wolf’s Den. My name is Naveed Hossain. I am a sculptor. I construct melodies from the clay that is sound. I work and I build and I carve until I create something that the Ancients themselves would deem worthy enough of praise. Am I overselling myself? Yes.

But it is due to this very ability to oversell myself that I take pride in. I’m no Shakespeare, but if I want to, I can poke your heart with a thousand little needles without ever laying a finger on you.

In the coming days, I will write delicious tidbits about my life, stories birthed from the enigma that is my mind and of course, music that is the very foundation of the Winter Wolf.

(I also like winter and wolves, if that wasn’t clear enough.)

Now that we are done with introductions, let us proceed, shall we?


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