Ah good old SoundCloud. Free platforms to showcase talent are always welcome in my books. I’ve uploaded quite a good chunk of my music projects to my SoundCloud account and they’re free for the public to listen to. For starters, you can check out the beta version of Trapped, the title song of an album I’m currently working on. Or if you’re more into hard rock and metal, you could give The Wolf (Part I) a try.

You could also check out the lyrics video I made for that song!

I currently have two Instagram accounts:

For winterwolfsden, I upload little segments of my music tracks along with pictures or art, both by me or by other artists (Of course, I give credit to the ones not by me, I’m no monster).

For gingerandsushi, I create the webcomic series I’m working on, titled “The Adventures of Ginger and Sushi.” It sounds quite odd yes, but that is the point. It chronicles the adventures of a happy-go-lucky person and his rather robotic rather stoic friend. Take a look! Ginger and Sushi are both quite lovable.

I’ve had a YouTube account for about 10 years now if I believe. I started out with making AMVs (Anime Music Videos). What is that you ask? It is art.

…Trust me, when I was younger, that video felt a lot more epic and dramatic than it may appear at the moment. As time went on, I sort of got over these types of videos. Perhaps one of the final ones was a collaboration I did with my friend, Aaraf Afzal, about our high school graduation. It was a video showcasing the years we spent as a batch. Oh all the bad good times.

As of now, I’m wondering whether I should narrow my focus and skills into a particular niche for my account. Let’s wait and see.

Need someone to help you write something? Make a little music? Clean up your videos? You can hire me!

Honestly, to this day I still don’t know what this website is used for.


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