I have been making music and writing lyrics since I was thirteen years old. My first was an angst filled sequence of words which we do not speak of. It was my second song, Don’t Leave Me, that really began driving me forward. As of the moment of this writing, I have around twenty songs that touch upon a wide variety of things that are always at the back of my mind.

Currently I am working on my debut album titled ‘Polluted Love’. Truth be told, as a solo musician with lackluster tools, it has been quite a slow process.

Follow my Instagram to keep up with my shenanigans, both music as well as art related! It will be fun, I promise.


Polluted Love


Let Me In
Marshmallow in the Indian Ocean
Golden Leaves
Colorful Paradise
The Wolf  [Watch here]
Polluted Love [Watch here]
The Artist (Collab with Aaraf Afzal)
Your Own
Forget Me [Watch here]


Other songs:

Don’t Leave Me
Lost Soul
Autumn Hymn
Leaving Me
The Chosen Zeroes [Inspired by The Chosen Zeroes]
Sea of Red
Trapped [Listen here]
Fall Onto Me

Collaborations with other artists:
Lights [Sama Ahmed]
Hopeless [Doodlebug]

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