I’ve been writing songs since I was thirteen years old. My first was an angst filled sequence of words I don’t consider as a song anymore. It’s my second one, titled Don’t Leave Me that really got the motivation going. As of 2017 I have over a bit more than fifteen songs covering quite a lot of different content. You’ll know what I mean soon enough.

Follow my Instagram to keep up with my shenanigans, both music as well as art related! It’ll be fun, I promise.

Don’t Leave Me
Lost Soul
Let Me In
Autumn Hymn
Leaving Me
Polluted Love (Listen to preview here)
Marshmallow in the Indian Ocean
The Chosen Zeroes [Inspired by The Chosen Zeroes]

ALBUM: Trapped

Trapped Album Art Winter Wolf
The artwork for my upcoming album ‘Trapped’

Sea of Red
The Wolf 
Part I – Hunter (Listen here)
Part 2 – Prey
Part 3 – Power
Part 4 – Wounds
Trapped (Listen here and watch the lyrics video here)
Fall Onto Me

Collaborations with other artists:
The Artist (2015) [Aaraf Afzal]
Lights (2017) [Sama Ahmed]
Hopeless (2017) [Doodlebug]

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