What is a writer without at least 57 tales to tell? Quite sadly, I have yet to write a story I can love with all my being, but I suppose we all go through the same motions when it comes to the things we create.

Take a breather, sit back, and let yourself be taken away to the many worlds upon which the Winter Wolf roams.


Project Hope
Does Hope know the lengths her parents are willing to go to find a cure for every disease?

I’m Still Here
Two souls imprisoned by concrete.

Fifty seven days have led to this moment. Let’s see it through to the end.

Breathe – Part II
Splat! Soup isn’t the best form an organism can attain. Can we un-soup the soup?

Waking from slumber can be comforting if one is shrouded in darkness.

Sajid Bhai 
Bad day, little money, crowded bus and a weirdo. Good luck, Sajid Bhai!


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