It was your hand that struck my face
Not some stranger’s on the street
My tears were not a farce
Is it too much to be me?

And then you drown me in affection
Should I forget just what you did?
I stand here as a child
What am I to believe in?

Light, that’s what you’re supposed to be
Fight, It’s what instincts are telling me
So I will fight all your love, your affection and
I will fight when you lay your hand on me

And then you drown me in affection
I can’t forget what you did
I stand here as your child
The door is locked, the walls are empty

Take my innocence away from me
Infuse it with the red that I breathe
Raise me up to submit
To the mind that viciously bleeds all over me
The fallacy is breaking me
Listen to me please

All I ever wanted was some understanding
I hear the fault within the hurt
All I ever wanted was a space to speak
But I didn’t know how to start
All I wanted was a chance to be me
All you did was hurt and break me
Now I’m shackled and I can’t break free
I only wish that you had found me

And I feel so lost in my home
Only recalling what you did
I’ve grown much older now
Innocence has finally left me

It was your hand that struck my face
I’ve been holding it inside
Don’t trust the smile I give
Just know that I have tried