Third Eye…OPEN!


Do you know what chakras are? In the simplest of definitions, they are apparently vortexes in your body through which your life force flows. I know, it may sound very odd if this is the first time you’re learning about all this, but trust me, it gets rather interesting.

I have lived a decent few years so far and I have observed people of various faiths doing various deeds in various relations to those various faiths. (You will now find the word ‘various’ really weird)

However, after much tossing and turning through the internet, I have perhaps found eastern philosophies to be the most intriguing. Whether it be Hinduism or Buddhism, there is a very distinct flavor that runs through these beliefs that separate them from the more western and middle eastern Abrahamic faiths.

Now, before anyone gets all fired up, I want to clarify that I’m not saying one system is better or worse than the other. I am merely making an observation about a topic that piqued my interests, that’s all. Now first, let us take a deep breath.

deep breath
I was going to create a semi professional digital picture, but this is easier. It’s a Friday and I’m relaxing, okay?

Let us begin.

I have always been a fan of Chinese martial arts movies. There is something so loveable about a well choreographed fight; the push and pull, the delicate movements, the beating-a-whole-group-of-bad-guys-by-undergoing-some-next-level-training-with-a-bearded-master. You know, the usual. Around 2013, I delved further into the philosophies of these arts. Along the way I rewatched some classics of course. Bruce Lee has and will always be an inspirational figure to us large bellied, fat, lazy bums.

\m/ indeed buddy. Rock on.

But it is actually a cartoon show called Avatar: The Last Airbender, that really pushed me to knock on those doors I didn’t know existed. You see, the series’ setting, premise, philosophies, really the entire package was inspired by eastern beliefs. Even the fighting styles in the show replicated, beat for beat, actual martial arts, such as Xiaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

What am I getting at with this though? As I fell in love with the story and characters, I also fell in love with their inherent reality. Something about that mystical world kept calling me and on a whim, I dived into research.


I came across quite a vast treasury of information. (It is the internet after all). Hold on tight folks, the trippy part begins here.


Chakras, as I mentioned before, are said to be vortexes, or wheels, through which your energy flows.

Colour coded for your convenience.

There are the major seven ones, arranged from the base of your spine to the top of your head and they all play a part in your spiritual well-being.

1) Root Chakra 

This one resides in the base of the spine and you could say that it’s the most removed from the ‘other worldly’ aspects of existence.It deals with survival and basic needs of life, such as food, shelter and even financial security. It is basically the foundation upon which our lives are built, so an imbalanced root chakra leads to situations such as you feeling constantly afraid, or perhaps excessively greedy, depending on if the chakra is too shut off or more open than necessary. (Think of it like a pipe)

2) Sacral Chakra

Going up from the base of the spine to the lower abdomen, just below the tailbone, is the sacral chakra. Coloured in bright orange, the sacral chakra is said to deal with our emotions and our senses. In addition our creative energies are also linked to it, so it really is quite a powerhouse, especially for the modern world that is run by the sensual pleasures of life. An imbalanced sacral chakra can lead to being ruled by your emotions instead of the other way around, ranging from overindulgence in food and substances to less than appreciable sexual drive.

3) Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located in, well, the solar plexus. If you don’t know what that is, it’s alright. I didn’t know either when I first heard the term. It is basically in the upper part of the belly, around the region where your diaphragm resides. Now if you don’t know what the DIAPHRAGM is, that’s a problem…

Anyways, the solar plexus chakra is all about power and assertion of ourselves in the world. Coloured bright yellow, this chakra is responsible for traits such as willpower, discipline and confidence, among others. Imbalances could lead to overconfidence, lack of purpose or direction in life and even being manipulative. Yikes.

4) Heart Chakra

In the middle of everything rests the evergreen heart chakra. This is perhaps as straightforward as it gets to describe and I’m sure most of you already know what I am going to say. The heart chakra is all about love: love for oneself as well as love for everything other than oneself. It deals with compassion and forgiveness, the ability to look beyond and forgive others. Signs of an imbalanced heart chakra range from trying to please everyone to being completely emotionally shut off from the world. You gotta spread the love!

5) Throat Chakra

Ah yes, we are finally in the final three!

Being well rested at, well, your throat, this turquoise throat chakra is all about self expression and communication, as well as being a heavy player in making you understand what your purpose is (as hippie as that sounds, but then again all of this is hippie as well, so). Needless to say, the person who is very socially awkward or too boisterous and oversteps boundaries with what they have to say could use some rebalancing of this chakra. Other problems include not being able to keep confidential information and feeling somewhat purposeless (I suppose it is due to the whole metaphorical issue of not finding your voice)

6) Third Eye/Brow Chakra

We’re finally stepping into trippy territory!

I’m sure you’ve seen at least a few depictions of beings having a third eye in the middle of and a little bit above their eyes. In many discussions about chakras, I have seen this particular one being the most discussed topic among those who follow eastern beliefs.

The third eye shines with a strong purple (or it should be shining with a strong purple but you know us…) and it deals with various traits or feats that one would consider as ‘supernatural.’ For example, high intuition and psychic abilities, being able to predict the future, seeing past the ‘illusion of the physical world’, these are all attributed to the third eye. In addition, creativity is also one of the lesser considered characteristics. (Honestly, creativity would be a pretty low priority when reading minds is involved) Imbalances in the brow chakra can lead to lack of clarity as one of your whole ways of looking at things is blocked. In contrast, an overactive one could lead to being completely lost in vivid fantasies but in severely unhealthy manners.

7) Crown Chakra

Finally we have reached the top of the skyscraper.

The crown chakra is located just around the top of the head. It boasts a magnificent indigo hue and in direct contrast to the root chakra, which ties us to the physical and very carnal realms of existence, the crown is all about connecting to the universe, being able to experience realms of existence far beyond the limiting physical world. (Do I sound crazy? I told you things were going to get weird around this point.)

Imbalances of the crown chakra could lead to complete closed mindedness on one end of the spectrum and complete obsession with all that is spiritual and divine at the other end. This whole chakra system is basically something that needs the correct amounts of push and pull from each other to be in proper healthy and active states.


Well that was a doozy, wasn’t it? I honestly barely scratched the surface of the complex philosophies and years of dedication involved in order to ‘truly’ understand what these are. Entire books can be written about each and every chakra, and here’s the kicker:

I’ve heard people say there are more than 7! Some have said there are nine and others have claimed there are eight. What is the truth? Well, I don’t know. I’m just a regular non spiritual human being who could do well with losing a few pounds.

Here is a website that looks at chakras in more depth. It doesn’t use any difficult language and the articles are always a fun read. If you’re procrastinating on doing your homework at 4 in the morning, this might just be a nice site to take refuge in:

Also, you probably didn’t ask for it, but here’s a picture of me standing in front of a tube light pretending my third eye has opened to make way for magical realities:

Third eye…OPEN!

Hope you have a very colourful day!

Physics, Vibrators and torn Chickens

I promise I will stop with the bizarre titles one day. However that day is not today.

In 2009, when my grasp on the concept of maturity was, let us say, non-existent, I went through an ordeal which would change me forever. (Then again every experience we ever go through changes the course of our destiny to a slightly different path than before, so hooray for fatalism).

It was the ninth grade. Being a fetus of fifteen years of age, I was prone to finding crass humour appealing on many levels. (Of course now, being an adult of over 23 years of age, I am still prone to finding crass humour appealing on just as many levels). There I was, stuck in a boring physics class at school. Our teacher, let us call him Mister A, was trying to explain the intricacies of wave functions and their underlying causes and the inner machinations of the mind of the universe, jumping to and fro, completely absorbed by the subject matter at hand, inspiration emanating from his very being.

Except he was not. He was actually droning on about making water waves in a ripple tank.

…with a ‘vibrator.’

Initiate the snickering from teenage me. Mister A ignored it and kept going on. ‘Student,’ he said, forgetting some basic rules of the English language, ‘in the ripple tank, you take a vibrator and put it in like this: up, down, up, down, up, down…’

By that point, a friend and I were very audibly engaged in a fit of laughter while the rest of the class slept on. The laughing continued (for an uncomfortably long amount of time now that I think about it) until our Mister A snapped.


Yikes. The whole thing was directed at me in a booming voice and that too in the Bengali language, which can strike victims in a much harsher manner than English, believe me.

But just hold on a second there, Mister A.

Chickens? What? What kind of analogy was that? Who in their right minds rips chickens apart? Was this man a few screws too loose? Did he face some traumatic incident in his past life which involved some radioactive poultry combined with the forces of physics that led him down a tragic path to become The Dark Light™?

To this day, many a joke has been made, some stretching to the point of breaking, only to be stretched further. Mister A, I do not know what you are doing with life right now, but just hear me out for a second longer: I believe that you can find your life’s calling at the butcher’s rather than at school. It’s never too late to chase the life you were meant to live.

Chicken running from Mister A Winter Wolf
Run, chicken, run!


9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 9

You are hopefully confused right now.

Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, pens and paper out because it’s time for a math lesson! Booooo yes, yes I know you’re all groaning right now and I may have lost a few followers already. Honestly, who writes about MATH? Just trust me on this, if you stay with me for a few more seconds, you’re gonna be unpleasantly surprised.

First thing’s first, let’s clear up that title.

9+9 = 18 (Check with your calculator.)

Now if you take 1 and 8 from the number 18, and add them together, what do you get? Why yes, that is 9 you’re looking at!

But what happens if you add 9 thrice?

9+9+9 = 27

And the addition of 2 and 7 is…

2 and 7 make 9 by winterwolfsden winterwolf2094
Just to be sure.

Hmm, that is odd. Are we seeing a pattern here?

9×4 = 36 | 3+6 = 9
9×5 = 45 | 4+5 = 9

What is going on here? Let us add 9 to itself, say 17.5 times.

9×17.5 = 157.5 | 1+5+7+5 = 18 | 1+8 = 9

What in the world? What narcissism magic is this?

Back in 2015 I was experimenting with numbers (as one does) and I found these reduced numbers really fascinating. The rule is simple: simply keep adding the digits of the results til a single digit number is achieved.

What else did I find?

Ooh boy, just wait. Things became very trippy.

Take my lecture, not my money

I reside in Dhaka, a city not well known for being, how shall I put it, secure. The tale I am about to narrate is seven years old from the time of this writing.

In 2010, I had saved enough money to finally buy myself a decent 10,000 taka ($120) phone. I loved it! Finally, I had the ability to put on earphones and not listen to the constant yelling of the world around me. Of course, a sixteen year old displaying his phone and traveling home after dark sounds like rather easy prey for muggers. If it sounds bad enough to be true, it probably is.

I was stopped and approached by two men.

Muggers Man 1 and Man 2
A semi-professional digital recreation of them

MAN 1 claimed that he and his friend were running a gang in the area and that they required money to buy alcohol for a boozefest party they had later that night. I was a sixteen year old who had saved up for months by walking long distances and skipping cafeteria food (which I would have done anyways to be honest). After getting that newly acquired phone though, my wallet was breathtakingly empty.

MAN 1 was a patient fellow. He assured me that it was okay for me to be broke, but that I was rich in other ways: My heart My phone.

So there I was, face to face with two adults who could probably serve me as mashed potatoes in their party. What was the most logical course of action I could take? I could not overpower them, I could not run from them, and I’m sure they were not interested in my economics notes (can you blame them though?) What was I to do? In the midst of panic, I constructed the most absolutely perfect idea.

Pictured above: a sixteen year old lunatic

Yes. My plan of action consisted of looking at these two criminals straight in the eyes and lecturing them about life, morality and how God would disapprove of their actions. Truth be told, I was completely on autopilot after the first few seconds and I just spewed out whatever came to my head. I concluded my brilliant speech by telling them that they still had time to repent and to go home and pray.

It worked.


You are probably thinking many variations of ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ and honestly, so did I. I still do! How did that plan work at all? It had more than fifty seven ways to fall flat on its face and have me robbed, or worse, expelled killed. At the age of 23, I’m really not much of a hardcore follower of any faith, but hey.

God works in mysterious ways.

PS: MAN 2 didn’t say anything at all for the whole duration.

Muggers MAN 2
All around me are familiar faces…worn out places…worn out faceeeees

I’m Still Here

I had never given a thought to what would happen should we ever incur her fury. As I lay covered in dust, surrounded by concrete, deprived of light and shackled by a broken limb that I had taken for granted, I began to count down to what may very well be my final hours.


What the hell…

I was contorted. I had made to get up and disentangle myself, only to crash headfirst against solid concrete. My brain hammered against the walls of my skull and I had no choice but to wait for my impaired sense of balance to regain composure. My senses were diffused within one another: the dust was audible, the silence stung bitterly in my mouth and the darkness dug its nails deep into my skin, refusing to let go. I shut my eyes tightly and attempted to focus on each of my senses. Involuntarily I flexed my hands when suddenly a jolt of pain raced across my left arm. I cried out and grasped it with its counterpart. There was no mistaking it; my arm was broken and in the darkness I had absolutely no idea how bad the damage really was.

What was going to be my next move? Being blindfolded would not have made an ounce of a difference there. I was imprisoned within obscurity and my thoughts drifted away to my family. I missed them so much at that instant but I did not dare think of the earthquake’s . My family was alive. I knew it. After a moment’s hesitation and indecision, I had begun to push forward in the obscurity. I had begun to walk. My entire body ached and a tinge of pain ran up my broken arm, but I had no intention of stopping. Moments later, I became heavily aware of my shoes scraping roughly against the ground, a sound I had never really taken into consideration before. I wondered if there was anyone else present in the glare of what was unknown. There was only one way to find out.

‘Is…is anyone out there?’

My voice echoed through the stone cage and reverberated back to me. I waited a few seconds only for silence to embrace me once more. Disappointed, I let out a sigh. My thoughts were ready to drift away again when…

‘Hey…a survivor, yay…’

My ears perked up like a wolf during a hunt.

A survivor.

I pushed myself forward.


It’s funny how the mere presence of someone else can do wonders for us during times of loneliness and desperation. In the midst of familiar people, that very same person would just be another face in the crowd.

And when you’re both trapped within walls of stone, that lone person could very well become your strongest emotional crutch.


‘Man, is it good to see someone else around here,’ I heard momentarily, ‘well not really see see, but you know what I mean.’

The sounds of my unsteady footsteps were probably what alerted him of the close proximity of my presence. The source of his voice did not come from anywhere near my height, though. He probably had a broken leg.

‘What’s your name?’ I inquired, ‘Is there anyone else here who’s alive?’

It felt bizarre, looking down at nothingness, talking to a random stranger even.

‘My name? Well, it’s pretty complicated in my own language,’ he chuckled uneasily.

Own language?

‘But,’ he continued, ‘You can call me Noor. It’s what all my friends call me and for the time being, you’re the only friend I have.’

He chuckled again. I could not comprehend how he was laughing in the midst of our current situation. If anything, joy was miles away from being an adequate emotion to be present at that moment. Quite impulsively, I called him out on it.

‘Well…’ he answered, carefully elongating the single syllable, ‘I don’t think being sad is gonna magically drill a hole through these rocks. It’ll only make me feel bad. So might as well laugh a bit, right?’

What? There really was no proper response in my mind for his train of thought.

‘Right…’ I sighed. I decided to slide down against the wall and onto the ground beside him.

‘What’s your name by the way?’


Hold on. I turned my head to face him. Something was wrong. Now that I was sitting on the floor, his voice should have come from a similar height from my perspective. Yet, once more, it came from somewhere much lower than the height where my ears sat.

‘Oh my God…’ I managed to mutter.

The sickening realization washed over me like a hundred insects scattering throughout the skin on my body.

‘Noor…you can’t stand up, can you?’

‘I…guess not, no,’ he said quietly, ‘not anymore.’

This man was being crushed by a pile of concrete. And there was absolutely nothing I could do to help him.


Once in a while you’ll find yourself in one of those situations where you have no choice but to step back and re-examine…everything. I’m talking about situations where things like money, plans, petty wants and the rest of their friends withdraw themselves back into the unnatural state of being ‘human.’ What you’re left with is so innately beautiful, yet upsetting; so wonderfully enchanting, yet repulsive.

I felt the solid, broken crust of the debris that had fallen upon my unfortunate companion. I had no idea who he was, or why fate had chosen him to lay restrained under stone. I recall being washed over with the feeling of being powerless for the umpteenth time that day.

I got back on my feet.


‘Stop now, please!’ said Noor, his voice growing more worried than agitated, ‘I know your intentions are pure but you and I both know there is nothing you can do for me at the moment.’

I was exhausted. My fist, palm and shoulder burnt red from attempting to dislodge the boulder. Deep down, I knew that he was right. No amount of forceful pushing and aggression could help him. Without any other option, I allowed gravity to usher me to my knees; a hopeless posture. The same posture that is, rather poignantly, used to pray; to ask for help.

As if God was going to help.

Once more my thoughts were seeping away into the murky realms of the unknown but this time, I did not bother bringing them back. Fortunately, I had a man trapped under a boulder to do that for me.

‘Thanks for trying though.’ he chuckled again.

Just what the hell was so funny to him?

‘Yeah,’ I replied half-heartedly, ‘It’s…it’s alright.’

I slouched back against the rock beside Noor.

‘I still don’t know your name though, mister,’ he piped up.

I lolled my head to one side, staring at the darkness where his head lay.

‘It’s Adam.’ I said, after some time.

‘Ooh, like that guy who sings?’


‘Come on, you’ve probably listened to his band’s music and don’t remember it right now! I’ll Bluetooth some of their songs to you…after I get myself out of this mess that is.’


I didn’t know what drove him; I failed to understand why he wasn’t worried about the fact that his legs were shattered bits of bone and meat. All I could do was nod and agree, nod and agree.

A few painful seconds of silence carried us forward.

‘Why aren’t you upset?’ I blurted out before I could stop myself, ‘you’re the victim of an earthquake, you’re being crushed by a massive chunk of boulder, you have no idea if you’re going to make it out alive or not and even if you do, you’re gonna live the rest of your life stuck to a wheelchair! Why aren’t you complaining about the…unfairness of it all?!’

My voice echoed loudly through the hollow chasm. It cut through the emptiness that imprisoned us. Then, as if to rectify the distortion of man, the deafening silence washed over us once more. It felt chilling, invasive almost, to have that kind of utter stillness penetrate your awareness.

It took a bit of time to realize that I had more or less just shouted at a complete, handicapped stranger, who, by then, had not even graced me with a response. Guilt pierced through me. I had begun wondering whether or not I should apologize for my behaviour, when he spoke at last.

‘It’s because I’m still here.’

A jolt of emotions raced along the length of my spine and spread throughout the rest of my body. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and goose bumps rushed across my skin in frenzy. Where guilt had been residing was now replaced by absolute astonishment.  I had absolutely no idea how to respond.

I remained silent. What else was I supposed to do?

I wrapped my arms around my legs and hung my head low. I was really hungry…and tired…and sleepy…


My head hit the ground with a resounding thud.


‘Whoa, what happened? You okay?’ chirped Noor.

I pushed myself up with my unbroken arm.

‘Yeah, I’m fine,’ I replied, nursing my head, ‘Fell asleep and I ended up losing balance while I was sitting.’

Silence again.

‘Hey,’ he piped up, ‘Since we have so much time to kill, how about we introduce each other properly?’

‘I suppose I don’t have anything better to do.’

I could almost feel a grin break out across his face.

‘You first!’ he said, ‘Who are you and what drives you?’

I was about to scratch my head (ouch my arm). Who was I?

‘Well,’ I began to reflect, ‘My full name is Adam Lestrange. I grew up in this very town and graduated with a degree in computer science and engineering. I used to work here in this building before…well, you know.’

I paused and took a breath.

‘Wrong answers!’ Noor suddenly exclaimed.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Where’s your passion? You sound like you were assembled in a factory and then tossed to work for this company like a fax machine!’

‘Well I-‘ I thought hard, ‘I…love football-‘

‘The one where people actually kick a ball around a field?’

‘Yeah that one-‘

‘Good, carry on.’

One would think he had no idea of the gravitation of our current situation, judging by the way he was talking.

‘I have actually loved the sport ever since I was eleven,’ I continued, ‘My dad was amazing. He used to play with me every day, no matter how tired he was from work. I guess I never truly appreciated that, you know.’

I stared off into the darkness.

‘Is he alive?’ Noor asked.

‘No.’ I said quietly, ‘I just realized that I haven’t visited them in a while. I suppose the last time I’d done it was two years ago.’


As excruciatingly cheerful a person as he was, even Noor did not have a reply.

‘Tell me about your mother?’ he asked at last.

‘Well she was a normal, down to earth person I suppose,’ I began, ‘Didn’t really have a job, but took care of our basic household work.’

‘She was a lovely person just for being able to do that,’ Noor piped up, ‘I never had someone like that, so I had to learn a few things the hard way.’

My interest was piqued.

‘Tell me more.’ I asked.

He cleared his voice (a bit overdramatically perhaps).

‘I’m Noor Ibn’ Jabbar,’ he said, ‘And yes, I know it’s a strange name: my parents were from the Middle East so I hope that offers some explanation.’


‘I was raised in an orphanage,’ he continued, ‘Mother and father had both been killed when I was young, so I didn’t really know them. I’ve heard people say lovely things about them though, so if nothing else, I have in my mind a pleasing image of what they were probably like.’

I nodded as a sign for him to carry on, realizing the flaw in that action much later than I would like to admit.

‘I hope you’re not feeling sorry for me,’ he chuckled, ‘on the contrary of what most stories would like you to believe, my home was not a living hell. Miss Delmare was a wonderful mother in her own right. Being able to raise so many children by oneself isn’t an easy task, you know.’

Wow, he actually sounded quite serious for once. I was impressed.

‘You must have been a handful.’ I piped in.

‘Yeah well, back then, there was a somewhat lack of big boulders to pin me down, so…’

I had half an urge to laugh and half an urge to stare incredulously at him for his distasteful joke.’

A few seconds of silence.

‘…it’s alright, you can laugh,’ said Noor.

Here I was, trapped in my office, hugged by walls of concrete, sitting next to a half dead man who was laughing at his own misfortune. If nothing else, the dry laughter that followed was sprinkled with a small amount of insanity.

‘There we go!’ he exclaimed happily, ‘It’s good to laugh a little.’

And so we laughed. I had no idea why, but for the next hour or two, I poured my heart out to that man. We talked about anything and everything, from strange mollusk creatures to new age spirituality. I learnt about his adventurous school days and of all the detentions he used to land himself into. He heard the stories of how I was mistaken for looking like a drug dealer a rather alarming number of times. I acknowledged the beauty in his name, which translated in Arabic to ‘light.’ He chuckled at the coincidence of how my name has roots in Hebrew which more or less means ‘earth.’ I found out that I discovered more about the human soul in that short amount of time than I had done in my life so far.

We lost track of time. Soon, I realized that energy was a scarcity we took for granted. With no food or water being promised to us anywhere in the near future, we had to go into ‘energy conservation’ mode, as Noor would like to call it. Days passed…or was it a few hours? My eyes were itchy and my entire body ached, though from laughing or from the fall, I could not discern. I dropped to the floor. This was all probably just a vivid hallucination, a very distinctive dream.


My eyes were itchy and my entire body ached.

Well that was a new feeling. My throat felt like it was coated with sand. I needed water. I got up from the floor drowsily. Head spinning in the darkness will, to this day, still be one of the most unusual feelings I have experienced albeit not one I will miss.

‘Hey Noor, you awake?’ I asked softly. I waited a few seconds; apparently he was still sleeping. I guess I would just wait for him to wake up then.

Seconds rolled by. Minutes drawled by. Hours dissolved the vicinity.

How long had it been?!

‘Noor!’ I exclaimed, a sudden sense of urgency kicking in through the pain, ‘Hey, come on, wake up!’

I groped around in the darkness and found his matt of hair.

‘Come on, Noor,’ I tapped his head urgently, ‘I need you to get up and talk to me, buddy.’

Panic raced through my beaten and battered system. No, no, no. Noor was there; I knew he was still there. He had a ton of rock sitting on him and so he was just more… more exhausted than I was, yes. That is why he was not waking up as soon as I had. Yes, he was just tired. He was just…


I could not take it. No. Every little bit of anger, frustration, fear, fear I had stored within me burst out and I screamed. I screamed so much. I did not care that I was going to rot in here for the rest of my life. Noor did not deserve it. He did not. He was an amazing human being and he was going to get out of here and go hug miss Delmare and tell her of how he met a stranger in the darkness, and how the stranger had brought him so much light during those few hours.


No, that was me…he was the stranger. He made my last few hours some of the best ones I had ever spent with another soul.

He didn’t have to die.

I guess that was when realization finally took hold. I buried my face in my dirty, rugged hands. My head was buzzing terribly. I hoped that death would welcome me home soon. The buzzing seemed to grow.

And it got louder.

I looked up, alert. That was not buzzing; it was the noise made by a drill.

No sooner than I had understood that, a small chunk of rock flew out from the wall nearby and life engulfed the entire chamber. I shielded myself. I covered myself. I felt naked. I was blind. There was no life outside of here…was there? I turned my head to the side and opened my eye by just the tiniest fraction. All I could make out was a mass of curly hair and a face sleeping peacefully, almost as if it was smiling.

‘Is anyone there?’ A deep voice called out.

‘I…’ I stammered, ‘I…I’m still here.’

‘I repeat, is anyone there?’

The world became blurry once more.

‘I’m still here…’


LYRICS: Leaving Me

It started the day I told you hi
A stranger on the street, you passed me by
I was caught in a whirlwind, paralyzed
Now I sit here waiting, alone tonight
Now I sit here waiting, alone tonight

So mock me, you’ve got me
Throw everything you want at me
You want me but you break me
Tear a hole in my heart please
Sing your song, you don’t belong
Spew all your nonsense but I’ll be strong
The door’s wide open and now you’re gone

Leaving me


Your sleepless nights, those lonely eyes
Let your darkest days say goodbye
And your tears they fall, please don’t cry
I’ll be waiting here, waiting here, until the day I day

Won’t you let me in, let me
Into your heart, I’ll never walk away
Just stay with me, stay with me
And this won’t fall apart
Hold me tight on this night
And let your sorrow burn away
A bit more time, your hand in mine
I know that this is just right

Let’s take a step at a time, along these broken lines
I’ll heal your wounds, don’t cry tonight
I’ll wipe your tears and make you smile
I’ll be here for you by your side until the day I die

Just try to let me in, let me
Into your heart, I’ll never walk away
I’ll stay with you til the end
And this won’t fall apart
Hold me tight every night
And let your pain burn away
A bit more time, your hand in mine
You know that this is just right

And now your darkest days are gone
You’ve been alone for so long
You’ve been waiting for some sign
Just let your heart beat with mine

Now you’ve let me in, let me
Into your heart, I’ll never walk away
I’ll stay with you, stay with me
And this won’t fall apart

You’ve let me in, let me
Into your heart, I’ll never walk away
I’ll stay with you, stay with me
And this won’t fall apart
Hold me tight all the time
Don’t let that smile fade away
A kiss goodnight, your life and mine
I know that this is just right

You know that this is just right
We know that this is just right
You’ve let me into your life
You’ve let me in, it’s alright